Rekindle the Spirit, Inc.:

Rekindle the Spirit offers the beautiful Manley Bohlayer property for rentals. There are various options for renting as per your needs. Past rentals have included weddings, wedding receptions, family reunions, luncheons, dinners, club meetings, group craft shows, Christmas parties and various other group gatherings.
Please call 570-673-5500 or
email rekindlethespiritinc@gmail 
to receive rental forms and check
for availability. 


House Only –                                 40 max/$200

House & Grounds –                     40 max/$300
                                                      41 or more/$500

Grounds Only –                            40 max/$250
                                                      41 or more/$450

Metal Barn/Field –                       40 max/$275
                                                       41 or more/$475

House/Grounds/Metal Barn –                 $675

Fees Include:

Rental of the property includes 3 days, one day prior for set up, day of rental and one day after the rental for clean up. (6) Six foot tables – seat 8 folding chairs (light weight) (16) Five foot round tables (seat eight) (10) Picnic tables with attached benches (88) Folding chairs (metal).

Please call 570-673-5500 or email
for availability.